Texas landowners dig in to fight Trump’s border wall

Feb 2011
The formerly great golden state
Oct 2018
Somewhere they can't find me.
Once he was back in Washington, Mr. Shine was among the aides pushing Mr. Trump to deliver Tuesday’s prime-time Oval Office speechand make a visit to the border on Thursday. And it was Mr. Shine who was among the unnamed targets of the president when Mr. Trump criticized those plans at a lunch with broadcasters before his speech.

The border visit was “not going to change a damn thing,” Mr. Trump said, belittling the plan as a photo op urged on him by “these people behind you,” he said, pointing to Mr. Shine and a cluster of other communications aides.

Well, there you have it.. As delusional as he is, Trump actually seems to be acknowledging here that he's fighting a losing battle about the wall Yet he's the one who's perpetuating it, and thus bears the sole responsibility for intentionally inflicting such hardship on hundreds of thousands of government workers and costing the country billions of dollars.

I wonder if that could be considered a "crime and misdemeanor?"
Sep 2013
On a hill
Asj Will Hurd. He is the republican congressman who represents them, and is against trumps wall.