Texas pastor related to suspect in Australian ballplayer's murder speaks out

Apr 2011
Under your skin
"I'm hoping that my presence will serve to strengthen the unity between Whites, Blacks, Hispanics and others," Dixon said.
But that unity has been tested since the murder, with critics accusing black leaders of remaining silent because the person who was killed was not a member of the African American community.
Dixon said it's the human community that matters most, and that is the message he plans to carry to Oklahoma and even to Australia if given the chance.
"I want to apologize to Mr. Lane's family that something like this happened to their son on American soil," Dixon said.
He knows the apology won't bring back a life, but he hopes the dialogue can help save others.

Prominent Texas pastor is related to suspect in Australian ballplayer's murder | wfaa.com Dallas - Fort Worth

Hey Jesse and Al, you listening? This man understands what it is all about. Take a lesson from him.
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