TexAss Legislature Celebrates Inequality

Sep 2012
Texas legislature celebrates ban on gay marriage with traditional bigotry cake

The rally was in support of Texas House Bill 623, which would prohibit state employees from receiving salary, pension, other other employment benefits if they issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The event was organized by Jonathan Saez, the president of the anti-gay group Texas Values. You may remember Saez—he was most recently in the news when his wife filed for divorce and left him for a woman.
This sounds familiar...
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Nov 2014
Well, these people have a right to celebrate. They did what they want, they reached their goal and that's very good! They showed to all country that majority will never be discriminate by the minority and that traditions - are our future!
May 2013
Banned Camp Segregation Unit
"If I owned Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Philip Sheridan (He was a Civil War general for those of you who live in Texas)
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Feb 2011
The greatest place on Earth California
at 65 years of age I still can see no reason for a sane person to live in Tezass.
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