The American Thinker scores another big hit....

Jun 2011
It should be apparent that the extreme right is generally still pretty unhappy with the current crop of GOP hopefuls for the White House. But not this thinker, Jared E. Peterson.

Jared. E. Peterson (I will come back to him later, this will be fun), wrote an editorial called:

Electability and the Republican Field.

I can condense his argument into 2 sentences:

Real (or perceived) conservatives win general elections. Moderate Republicans do not.

„[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Ifall the poorly articulated political and economic philosophy and themultiple contradictory and confusing major issue stands of [/FONT][FONT=Arial, sans-serif]GeorgeHerbert Walker Bush, BobDole, and John McCain were tossed into a blender, and the device wereturned on high for a minute, theresult would be a smoothie whose taste would be indistinguishablefrom the murky concoction that's been served up by Mitt Romney forthe last five years: saccharine, bland, and utterly forgettable fiveminutes after it's choked down.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Isit so late in the 2012 nominating process that anyone can say witheven quasi-certainty that this pasty, unidentifiable mush, served upby the Republican field's sole polished moderate manikin, is the onlybeverage Republicans can sell in 2012?[/FONT]
[FONT=times new roman, times][FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Theanxious GOP Establishment, which has detested every conservativewould-be Republican presidential nominee -- Ronald Reagan notexcluded -- since 1952, is desperately trying to sell this argumentright now. On September 28, [/FONT][FONT=Arial, sans-serif]DavidFrum[/FONT][FONT=Arial, sans-serif],who seems to have morphed from a conservative into a water-carrierfor the Country Club set, wrote a spectacularly conclusory, banal,and unpersuasive piece arguing the Republican Establishment's defaultposition, and even AT's [/FONT][FONT=Arial, sans-serif]MercerTyson[/FONT][FONT=Arial, sans-serif] joined in on October 1.[/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Don'tbelieve any of it. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Iffor no other reason, don't believe it because the same electabilitynarrative -- less blatantly but with equal vigor -- is being peddledby the MSM, which has been [/FONT][FONT=Arial, sans-serif]carpet-bombing[/FONT][FONT=Arial, sans-serif] [/FONT][FONT=Arial, sans-serif]RickPerry from 30,000 feet for some three weeks now. Does anyreader of this site believe that the MSM is trying to help theRepublican Party avoid an electability mistake in choosing itsnominee?...[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]In short,this early in the game, be wary of Republicans bearing electabilityarguments...that just happen to be perfectly congruent with theposition of the MSM, and that boil down to the timeless, predictable,dreary advice of both: nominate the substantively elusive, terminallyboring moderate....[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Hethen lists the winning and losing GOP candidates from 1976 to 2008,describing each candidate as either conservative or moderate. Hecalled Bush 41 a perceived conservative in 1988 and a moderate in1992. lol...[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Hethen describes the GOP field as he sees it. He does not list thenames, but it should be pretty obvious who he means with eachdescription:[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Thefield as now constituted includes the following:[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]-a silky-smooth moderate who succeeded, à la Scott Brown, in gettingelected governor of Massachusetts and has been running for thepresidency since biblical times, all the while creating absolutely noimpression of what his philosophy of government is, what his standson the major issues are, or what he really believes -- that'spolitical skill that the most ardent Obamaphile could admire;[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]-an explicitly and credibly conservative long-term and, at leastoutwardly, highly successful governor of Texas, with a plethora ofpositive traits, including a compelling personal story, an obviousauthenticity and ability to connect with people when given more thanthirty seconds to answer a hostile and inane question, and, perhapsleast important but still relevant, good looks;[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]-a seventy-something, long-serving congressman with establishedconservative libertarian credentials and a consistent and originalcritique of the American economy;[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]-a well-spoken conservative congresswoman closely connected to the TeaParty and America's social conservatives, which, whether the MSMlikes it or not, collectively are still among the most vital forcesin American politics;[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]-a truly eloquent, compelling, and highly successful blackAmerican businessexecutive, who did more work and made more tough decisionsin a month of his working life than our current president did frombirth to assumption of office, and a man with great personal presence(who actually majored in math);[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]-a former United States senator from a large east-coast state withimpeccable conservative credentials, who also has strong connectionswith the party's social conservative wing and is generally solid ondomestic issues;[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]-and the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, who happensto be the intellectual and organizational author of one the greatestconservative political achievements in American history and, withoutquestion, has been and remains one of the best-informed and mostarticulate political figures on the Republican/conservative sceneduring the last two generations.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]What'sto dislike about this field? It contains more substance,relevant experience, intellect, articulateness, and policy good sensethan could be found on a [/FONT][FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Titanic[/FONT][FONT=Arial, sans-serif]-sizedvessel passengered and crewed exclusively by Ivy League Ph.D.s (a lowbar, I concede).“ [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Hereis his take on the strength of the GOP field:[/FONT]

„[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Itis not possible to name a presidential field during the last fortyyears, of either major party, that has had more substance, ability,and presidentially relevant accomplishment than the current crop ofGOP candidates. Whether all, some, or only one of theseindividuals will prove to be electable remains to be determined. But all are highly qualified for the highest office, and, from thealso-rans, half of a great cabinet could be assembled....[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]...Moreparticularly, over the next six months, conservatives and Republicansneed to never forget: first, the Republican Establishment, from timeout of mind, has delivered the message of moderate electability andconservative unelectability, and, nearly always, has been dead wrong-- like the left, it has an amazing capacity to be slapped in theface time and again by reality, and to remain sound asleep; and,second, the MSM is not trying to help us avoid mistakes when itdecides, for example, that Rick Perry is terminally inarticulate orHerman Cain not to be taken seriously because he's never heldelective office(a resume attribute he shares with Dwight Eisenhower), or clues us inon whatever next fatal flaw its collective unerring eye detects.... „[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Note:Townhalldoesn't agree so much on Cain, and Townhall is also extremelyright-wing oriented.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Andfinally:[/FONT]

„[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Inthe meantime, we need to stay positive about an excellent field whilewe keep our eyes and ears open [/FONT][FONT=Arial, sans-serif]andour powder dry.[/FONT]

„[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Keepour powder dry“... hmmm, what does that mean? Ah, here...[/FONT]

keep your powderdry
tobe ready to do something if necessary We'renot ready to start buying yet. We'll keep our powder dry until wethink prices are as low as they'll go.
Etymology:from the idea that gunpowder (an explosivesubstance in the form of a powder) will not explode if it iswet“

Niceimagery, eh?
So,who is Jared E. Peterson?
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]JaredE. Peterson graduated from the University of California at Berkeley inPolitical Philosophy, and from the Harvard Law School.He has been a practicing lawyer for more than thirty-five years. [/FONT][FONT=Arial, sans-serif][/FONT]

-Petersonhas a practice in Berkeley,CA.
-Hewrites for some of the more right wing publications, including TheAmerican Thinker, Human Events, Washington Examiner, etc.
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Hereis a listing of some of his titles.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Imight wistfully add that Peterson has another article at The AmericanThinker called „Isthis just a Nightmare, or did it really happen?“, in which heaccuses Obama and congressional Democrats of disloyalty for notcriticizing Mexican President [/FONT][FONT=Arial, sans-serif]FelipeCalderón's criticism of the Immigration law in Arizona. This isreally fun stuff:[/FONT]
„[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Forthe first time (at least to this writer's knowledge), a foreign headof state who is promoting an ongoing, aggressive, illegal, and oftenviolent invasion of America came to our country, met with ourpresident, and, from the White House itself, received our president'simplicit but obvious public support for that invasion; and that sameforeign leader spoke to Congress and received a standing ovation fromits Democrat members' for his country's war on America's borders. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]DuringBarrack Hussein Obama's May 19, 2010 joint press conference withMexican President Felipe Calderón, our president -- constitutionallycharged with the duty to defend America from all enemies, foreign anddomestic -- earned the scarlet "D": By silence he alignedhimself with the invaders of our country and their leader against thecitizens of America's own state of Arizona who have been forced byhis dereliction to defend themselves....[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]...Nearlyas amazing, on Thursday, May 20, 2010, that same foreign president,speaking from where Churchill stood during World War II, received astanding ovation from the Democrat members of Congress when hereviled the citizens of Arizona for daring to try to fashion adefense of their part of the American-Mexican border. And theRepublicans did not walk out or offer any other visible, dramaticobjection.... [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]...OnWednesday, May 19, 2010, Felipe Calderón, President of politicallyand economically failed Mexico, stood on the South Lawn of the WhiteHouse as a guest of America. He proceeded to claim that Arizona'srecently enacted immigration law "is forcing our people there toface discrimination," and thereby he publicly trashed the Stateof Arizona, its legislators and governor, and, if polls are accurate,about 70% of its residents (and probably nearly the same percentageof all Americans) who unambiguously want the border sealed andsupport Arizona's benign efforts to accomplish that goal. He saidmore, but that was enough. [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Standingnext to this boor, the President of the United States (sic) respondedto the tirade against America with silence. Or as the rest of theworld will interpret Obama's muteness, "I agree with everythingyou just said." Can anyone imagine similar complicit disloyaltyfrom Lincoln, Roosevelt (T. or F.D.), Truman, Kennedy, or Reagan? [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]YAWN.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]-----------------------------------------------------------------------[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Inshort, Peterson is far right of the far right and if his thinks thisRepublican field of candidates is great, then I say that Obama'schances of winning big in 2012 just got bigger. If I recall correctly, the last mega-conservative, Barry Goldwater, lost in a blowout in 1964.

Of course, conservatives are free to disagree, but it should be apparent that Peterson is a little crazy.
Dec 2007
Yes conservatives will disagree because it's clear that this idiot doesn't know the definition of a conservative.
Jun 2011
Yes conservatives will disagree because it's clear that this idiot doesn't know the definition of a conservative.
You call him an idiot.

I do not disagree with you.

But I remind that he has the pen (or the keypad) in his hands.