The Antithesis of Jimmy the Greek

May 2013
Banned Camp Segregation Unit
This guy will go down hard. As a sports fan, I couldn't stand Jimmy the Greek back in the day, but it was the first time the dude told the truth and it got him canned too. These two incidents aren't similar really, but on the same topic anyway. Almost 2020 and we're still dealing with this shit. I would have never thought it.

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May 2019
ESPN reasserts its no-politics policy after Dan Le Batard’s criticism of Trump and the network
Associated Press | Jul 21, 2019

ESPN is making sure that its employees know there is not change in the network's policy to avoid talking about politics unless it intersects with sports after radio talk show host Dan Le Batard criticized President Donald Trump and his recent racist comments and ESPN itself on the air this week.

The reminder went out Friday to all employees, including Le Batard, according to an ESPN employee who spoke on condition of anonymity Saturday because the person was not authorized to speak publicly about personnel matters.

ESPN has not spoken publicly about Le Batard's comments, including whether he faces any disciplinary action.

Reached on Saturday, Le Batard also declined comment.

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Thou shall not criticize Dear Liar Trump unless there is a sports connection.
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