The Barr cover-up: Trump was not exonerated, and anyone claiming otherwise is a liar or a dupe

Sep 2012
Posted knowing fully well that the RWNJs will howl over the source without reading the article or following the links. Good times...

The Barr cover-up: Trump was not exonerated, and anyone claiming otherwise is a liar or a dupe
If the Mueller report exonerates Trump, why are Republicans so desperate to prevent anyone from seeing it? If media outlets are so determined to opine on the Mueller report's meaning, why don't they tell us how much of the report they've actually seen? If some reporters and pundits want to cite the Mueller report as a condemnation of the work of those who assiduously reported on the Trump-Russia scandal, why don't they specify what Mueller proved they got wrong?

The single most important publicly known fact about the Mueller report is that we haven't seen the Mueller report. Congress hasn't seen the Mueller report. Those members of Congress who have the absolute highest security clearances (and didn't get them because their daddy or daddy-in-law overruled career security specialists to procure them) haven't seen the Mueller report. Every media source citing the Mueller report as proof of anything hasn't seen the Mueller report.


All we have on the Mueller report is Trump-appointed Attorney General William Barr's word about the Mueller report, and there is not a less credible source anywhere on the Mueller report than William Barr.


In fact, Barr's confirmation as attorney general left right wing fulminators openly glowing with glee, for Trump finally had a man in place who understood his job to be, first and foremost, the protection of Trump.


And it's not just that Barr owed Trump a debt of gratitude for Trump having hired Barr's son-in-law as a legal adviser, it's that Barr has a long history as a Republican scandal fixer, dating back to Iran/Contra and Iraqgate. And fix he did.



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if there's anything actually incriminating in the report, they'll just redact it. that's probably the reason for the delay. remember the whole chapter on the saudis in the 9/11 report?

accountability is not a thing in the upper echelons of government. you can rely on it.


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False Narrative - Feigned outrage - Echo Chambers - Rinse - Repeat.

Don't you guys ever get tired of this?

You do realize (I hope) that this isn't exactly a susceptible audience.

So to whom are you addressing this feedback loop?



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So how about some reality?

The left wants the whole report so they can cherry pick the raw data and create campaign ads and fundraising messages.

You do realize that a lot of the 400 pages are just like that dossier that helped get this thing started, unverified reports, unverified opinions in interviews with hundreds of subjects with hundreds of agendas.

If you were the attorney general and THE LAW says you can't release information that is injurious to third parties, would you ignore the law?

If a third party who was interviewed and is part of the record says a bunch of stupid crap, do they deserve the social media drawn and quarter routine for daring to come forward?
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Isn't it interesting the demands the dems are making on seeing the entire Mueller report. Schiffty doesn't seem to play by his own rules Dems who fumed at Nunes for jeopardizing ‘sources and methods’ now demand Mueller report in full

Dems who fumed at Nunes for jeopardizing ‘sources and methods’ now demand Mueller report in full

By Brooke Singman | Fox News

Should Adam Schiff resign from Congress in wake of 'no collusion' Mueller report?
President Trump says he should; Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs shares his take on 'Fox & Friends First.'
Congressional Democrats are stepping up calls for Special Counsel Robert Mueller'sRussia report to be released in full -- even preparing subpoenas -- despite complaining just over a year ago that Republicans were jeopardizing “sources and methods” with their decision at the time to release a memo on alleged government surveillance abuse.
Now, the roles are reversed.

Republicans, many of whom still want the report released, are deferring to Attorney General Bill Barr as he says he needs time to vet with his team what information can and cannot be made public. But Democrats have shown little patience for that process, blasting Barr for releasing only a four-page summary and imposing an April 2 deadline for Mueller to turn over the full report to Congress, demanding “full transparency.”
“Congress has asked for the entire Mueller report, and underlying evidence, by April 2. That deadline stands,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said Friday, after Barr said he would provide the full Mueller report to Congress by mid-April. “In the meantime, Barr should seek court approval (just like in Watergate) to allow the release of grand jury material.”
He added: “Redactions are unacceptable. #ReleasetheReport.”