The Beast Revelation

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Also, it is helpful to post a link, for those who do wish to read the whole thing.

Currently there is no Temple for this to occur in. Are you saying the Temple will be rebuilt first?

I thought you said the Temple did not need to be rebuilt, because Jesus is the temple. Which is it? :confused:
The Jewish Temple will be rebuilt where the original was. Where the Temple mount now is.
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Does anyone agree with this prophecy???
You do understand that if God wanted us to know what was really going to happen that He would have told us right?

In fact, it specifically says in the Bible that nobody will ever know the exact dates these thing occur on so anyone claiming to have "figured" it out are liars.

Revelations, like Genesis, is there to present an ending to the story, not to tell you exactly how it will play out, we are not meant to know serves absolutely zero purpose, we are supposed to accept God long before that.

If God didn't put an ending to the Book however that would be insufficient so its a very broad overview of what will take place.

Taken literally or probably not it doesn't matter, none of us will actually know until its upon us, if it even happens in our lifetimes which I doubt.

People who spend their time trying to decipher Revelations are missing the entire point of the Bible...its not a riddle, there are no secret answers there to be uncovered, God did not hide things from us hoping only some smart ones might figure it out.

What a joke.
Jun 2013
The Beast Revelation

The following letter is a summary of Revelation 13. Its purpose is to show the method used in finding the conclusions which have been stated. Nothing new has been added from my previous letters. It is more of a compilation of them all. This writing is the same material in different words. The Bible uses this same method of explanation. There are four Gospels. In each you see a different view of the same material. This can be beneficial because the meaning becomes more exact. Although, if this is a first time reader, then this will all be news to you. With that in mind, here we go.

The first thing that should be addressed when doing any study of Bible prophecy is what questions do I intend to answer. Some of these questions can seem a little simplistic, but their answers are much more complicated. In my studies there were only a few questions that I saw as needing an answer. My questions were very simple. First, who is this individual who is identified by the number 666? Second, who is the false prophet and how does he make the whole world worship the beast whose number is 666. Another question has to do with these same individuals. Could these two individuals be the same person, or for that matter Satan himself? Where is Satan during all this? That last question is very important. It actually goes straight to the answer of all the questions. Finally, when would someone expect to see these individuals on the Earth? Literally, what time frame should I see them? Those are the questions. The answers are much more involved.

... (truncated by Djinn, read the complete text here)

May God bless all who read this letter.

Why present prophecy, when it is pre-ordained? Prophecy is prophecy, if it is true and accurate.

In addition, why would any Christians:
One: Try to force prophecy by manipulation under the assumption that precipitating an event like Armageddon, they would come out on the positive side of such an event?
Two: Assume themselves to be righteous (that is, self-righteous/vanity) when believing that God is the only one that can make that determination.

Lucifer also assumed himself to be on par or expressed a desire and aim to be as powerful as God. God did what, with Lucifer and his notion?

It is quite interesting to see how some Evangelicals and "Dispensationalists" presume to know what God is thinking and what he wants and will do, yet that he has provided humans, all of them, his creation, with free will.

Some other Christians see Christianity in much simpler and less personally convoluted ways, much as Christ and much of Christ's teachings, appear to be quite simple straightforward and easy to comprehend (as Dr. Knuckles has demonstrated) for those who do not seem to have a need to complicate them or twist them in such a way they can be used to manipulator people of faith, by exploiting their faith and actually spinning the fairly simple to mean something totally the opposite of what it pretty clearly means. For instance, one might ask what adultery means anymore, with regard to the Ten Commandments and doing something like electing someone who is not only an adulterer, but narcissistic, greedy, gluttonous and bears false witness, among other less virtuous things, to be their leader. Perhaps fine to forgive such a person for their sins, but to elect them to be leader? Does that respect a belief in the teachings of Christ or fly in the face of it?

In short, how can one say, I am Christian, because I believe in the teachings of Christ, then proceed to elect as their leader, an adulterer, a liar, a narcissist, a non-charitable (but to himself) a greedy/glutton who suggests they a part of what's wrong with his nation is that people "don't want to hurt each other any more". Clearly, forgive is a Christian message, but elect them to be "leader"? Where does one suspect such a person will "lead" the nation?

If Armageddon is prophecy, it will come and there is nothing anyone is going to do about it, but try to live according to what Christ/God prescribed with the hopes, not the presumption, one might come out on the positive side of the event.
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