The Canary Is Dead...Beware

Mar 2010
IMO, Americans are capable of enormous positivity, once their basic decency is fully engaged.

But, also IMO, Americans are also capable of acts of sadistic depravity that would have frightened Caligula.

IMO, when Trump leaves the white house, even if he becomes a hermit, this country will endure an epileptic seizure of hatred that makes the Jim Crow era look like a child's birthday party.

I could be wrong, but I'm not. I could be exaggerating, but I'm not. I could suggest this wave of violence is preventable, but it isn't.

So, if you trust my judgment and/or are just curious, read on. Be beware....doing so is not likely to leave you feeling fat and happy.

If you are not yet 21 years old and/or still live with your parents, do not continue reading this unless you get their permission. Please.
Did you See Steve Schmidt on Chris Hayes today? He said it better than anybody I've heard in a long time and he's a republican! I tried to find the clip but didn't find it on the MSNBC website. He's worried what Trump is doing to the country.
Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
Okay....we have seen 15 pipe bombs sent to famous people or organizations, with nary a one exploded.

We have seen a massacre at a Jewish temple.

Neither crime was intended as a coup of our federal government. Unless the criminals are severely, floridly mentally ill and has lost reality contact, crimes like these are really meant to cause psychological harm to large groups of people. The Boston Marathon Bombers did not want to act as mayor of Boston; they wanted all Americans to FEAR that terror attacks could happen here. Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, detonated bombs across 17 years, killing a few people and maiming many more. His presnt-day biography is important reading for this topic, because he was brought into contact with others like him, including Timothy McVeigh, as a prisoner in a Supermax prison. He never wanted or suffered that contact as a hermit, living in a cabin off the grid.

Ted Kaczynski & Timothy McVeigh

Hate crimes are always directed at BOTH the actual victims and the community they belong to. This why hate crime laws exist; to punish the criminals whose horrifying acts were meant to kill one person and terrify everyone else like them.

Each such criminal will want to surpass the last. In this way, types of crimes are "viral".

All our houses of worship are sacred to all of us, regardless of our spiritual beliefs or lack of same.

So are libraries, courthouses, schools, hospitals, fire and police stations, etc.

All of these places need EFFECTIVE protection.

I think we need concrete bollards around these places. Kids crossing the street back and forth to school need citizens to park cars so they cannot be run over. Etc.

Urban planners, especially people who studied European designs, can offer excellent, cheap, nonthreatening ideas. We should also consider them for our homes and businesses.

Another way to ratchet up the fear is to attack the most vulnerable. In 1976, 26 children on a school bus were kidnapped and their bus hidden.

California mass kidnapping: After being buried alive, victims relive nightmare

Talk with the other parents, teachers, etc. Maybe find a way to pick the kids up from school, or guard school buses, or........?

Experience and common sense tell us, it's unlikely any POTUS will be assasinated. But yanno who is at a very high risk?

Judges. Mayors. State legislators. County health department leaders. Etc. These people routinely accept threats as part of their daily, working lives but rarel;y take any precautions against the potential risk.

No band of white supremacists will overthrow the American federal government, but as we have already seen in Oregon, these people CAN take over a population center or attraction in an isolated area.

An Occupation In Eastern Oregon

Lastly, a would-be Trumpaloompa might decide to inspire terror by attacking vulnerable members of the despised group in their homes, and using our revulsion at torture, etc. to inspire the fear that criminal hopes to inspire.

Heartbreaking Details From the Connecticut Home Invasion

And these two criminals were just ex-cons and drifters, not politically-motivated terrorists.

Remember this book?


Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
And all the accountants and economists I know are predicting a recession soon. Won't that compound the public order problem?
It's impossible to predict what deranged people will do. But using the past as a guide, in the event of an economic downturn, more "apparently normal" people will applaud the terrorists' acts, and some of them will actually offer aid.

The Bundys and the Irony of American Vigilantism
Jun 2014
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Most of us will have no direct impact on public safety at any level of government, and "neighborhood watch groups" are notoriously bad ideas for fighting terrorist attacks at your homes.

One hopes the U.S. government law enforcement communities are speaking to each other, as well as to their counterparts in the U.K., Israel, Tibet, etc.

One hopes in vain, IMO......humans are not wired to cooperate under ANY circumstances, least of all some vague threat that probably won't materialize in any way those humans can imagine. "Circling the wagons" to protect a group by mutual aid requires the wagon operators KNOW THE PEOPLE they hope to protect. An occasional stowaway might be tolerated, but the human impulse is that I save my neighborhood by quarantining it against the "barbarians at the gate", AKA, YOUR neighborhood right next to mine.

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Jun 2014
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So, what's a little old pinko lady to do, you ask?


So glad you asked!

You might want to subscribe to this YouTube channel, read Gavin de Becker's books, and check out his company's website. This man is the premier personal protection expert in the West, and probably the world. His MOSAIC threat prediction system is used by the U.S. Secret Service as well as their peers in every Western nation around the globe.

Gavin de Becker & Associates offers training and education to the public, for free or for a modest price. You can even apply to work for them, which is entirely off this topic.

GDB & Associates Advanced Threat Assessment Academy

Obviously this company has competition, BUT 99% of "security experts" will tell you to arm yourself, put up bright lights to eliminate all shadows at night, etc. This is 100% the WRONG advice. Doing so only marks your neighborhood as one full of HIGH VALUE TARGETS.

The self-defense tactics your neighborhood needs all depend on your ability to OBSERVE and based on your observations, PREDICT THREATS.
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Jun 2014
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Step One: Control your anxiety and avoid panic.

STOP watching the news, PERIOD.

READ the news....your lizard brain rarely implants the written word in the DNA of your bones, but your eyes and ears, etc., cannot distinguish between watching tv and actually witnessing a traumatic event. We have not evolved to the point where our ancient brain parts have adapted to modern technology.

When you flood your body with stress hormones long enough, you will blunt your instinct for self-preservation and the capacity to recognize ACTUAL FEAR when you feel it. You have 100,000 of evolution on your side. You will almost certainly never experience ACTUAL FEAR unless you are ACTUALLY IN DANGER.

Never ask yourself "What else are these people capable of?"

Literally, anything MIGHT happen. Odds are, you'll never become psychic, with an ability to remotely read the minds of would-be terrorists.

Don't catastrophize.

Don't focus of who the terrorists have killed, as in, "only black and brown people are at risk". EVERYONE is at risk, even fellow Trumpaloompas.

Once a society has become openly, floridly anti-semitic, ALL the ancient hatreds are ALL awake and barking.

In the West, Jews are the canaries in the mine. Once Jews start dying in terrorist attacks, it's open season on ALL the humans in that society.

To a Trumpaloompa, you are probably not white, or if you are, you are "mixing the races". Or the genders, or the religions.....etc.

Likewise, don't ask "who are the Trumpaloompas?" They are ANYONE YOU DON'T KNOW and a few you do.

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Concentrate on two things. First, if cut off from the outside world for a generation, would your neighborhood's residents survive and thrive? Do you have enough undeveloped land, plant seeds, gardeners, etc. to produce food for everyone? Could your grandchildren be educated, not just through high school but also into becoming medicos, lawyers, airplave pilots, train engineers, etc.? Could you organize a fire department and a police department from the people who live in your neighborhood?


Second, teach the people in your neighborhood what to ignore (news from "out there", among other things), as well as what to observe. Encourage porch sitting, dog walking, hangin out in bars, pick up basketball games, sewing circles, etc. This is AMERICA.....I would never encourage any of us to develop such a "bunker mentality" that we'd actually kill strangers trying to physically visit or move into our neighborhood. Besides, the free flow of humans is vital to mental health and to the process of becoming observant.

But you CAN notice when the dogs on a street are all barking at 3 am. You CAN notice that the new family on the corner is never at home but has left an overly-large van awkwardly parked in front of their house. Etc.

You can probably successfully protect YOURSELF during the Coming Violence.

But you are helpless to protect anyone else, even people you love, if you cannot create a sense of mutual aid and cooperation among your neighbors.
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