The Company You Keep

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Speaking of keeping company, who among us knows 4-5 child rapists personally? Who is friends or even acquaintances with MULTIPLE serial child rapists? Trump is friends with a lot of people who commit rape, for a person who has been credibly accused of multiple assaults

Guilt by association? You do know many leftists knew this scumbag, why no ire or speculation for them?
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wtf are you on about, troll?

I want every single scumbag involced in the "lolita express" trips and rapes prosecuted. You only seem to hope and wish trump is involved.
All I said was that Trump has a lot of pedo friends. Epstein is only one of them. I don't have any afaik, Some people might suspect they have one, but FIVE? How many do you have?


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It's purely partisan wishful thinking, whether talking about Trump or Clinton, to describe people who associate together to some degree as friends, bff's, chums, buddies, pals, etc. when you don't actually know if that's the case.

People always make the mistake of assuming they know someone based on what they see on television or in newspapers. Just because two people are photographed together or have contacts in the same circle doesn't mean they hang with them back at their house, watch football together on weekends, hit the videogame arcade together or make a weekly joint late night Slurpee run.
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Jan 2014
Clinton's history of ...two consenting adults over the age of consent having sex? You look pretty foolish when you ignore facts.

That isn't even close to Donald's having had at least two prostitutes in his life, and bragging about preforming unwanted sexual contact...Trump has been involved in breaking laws concerning sexual conduct - and brags about it!!! (THAT'S NOT A LEADER...THAT A SEXUAL PREDATOR!)

Michael Cohen to the RESCUE ...AGAIN??
(Unlike Trump,
Clinton has not been accused of any specific sexual misconduct connected to Epstein.)

As for Trump: During the 2016 campaign, Trump was sued by an anonymous woman who claimed he raped her at an Epstein party when she was 13 years old. *However, several journalists who dug into this allegation back then came away voicing caution or downright skepticism The accuser withdrew her lawsuit shortly (after meeting Cohen) before the election.


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Mr. Jorea,

Clinton had a history of sexual harassment. By any definition, a head of a company having sex, consensual or not, with a lowest level employee is sexual harassment.

But why the non sequitur. You could just admit that I was right that the link in the OP that our President broke all ties with Epstein and actually assisted in the investigation of him when rumors of pedophilia came out.
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