The cornerstone of Christianity is human sacrifice. Is Christianity a moral creed?


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Jun 2007
It could be like SuperGirl, Jesus learns about his powers by levitating nails in Joseph's carpentry shop. Seriously though, when did Jesus know he was an omnipotent god? When he was shitting his pants? Did he start speaking in the cradle? Could he walk one day after birth? No you say? He was a human being for a while and then became a God later on? So then he was just another kid and then presto, Jesus, the son of God, came to inhabit his body and mind at say around 13 years old. At that point, he was a God. Well, why didn't Jesus the God tell everyone that if you sail west you would find a vast new land filled with people and riches? Why did he not say to everyone "wash your hands, my father created germs that can kill you if you don't" or "diseases are carried by human waste, invent some toilets and get rid of the waste by sending it to treatment plants and not the nearest stream, gutter or beach?". Why did he not know anything at all that was not already known at the time? The modern world wants to know.
i don't know about Jesus, but I'm pretty sure all the Kims in NoKo did all those things.