The Cruelty Is the Point

Ian Jeffrey

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Mar 2013
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That MOB was throwing rocks. They were all armed for a FIGHT. Which they STARTED. Like I said. At a Bikers convention ,I would not attack a Hells Angel. Those guys will HIT BACK.
So you're claiming Fields murdered in self-defense. Except he pled guilty, which is a tad inconvenient for your theory.
Feb 2018
On second thought, perhaps I can. I have NO sympathy for violent protestors. Or dam fools. I would NOT go to a bikers convention and insult the Hells Angels. Same rule here. I had plenty of sympathy for Scalise. He was minding his own business.

And don't forget the LEO that also was shot protecting the players. Heros, IMO.
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Jan 2018
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So here we are at the page 11 of a thread that was probably instigated to produce divisiveness. And the bickering continues. Who would have thought? Come one people let it go. Step back and ask yourselves "what are we arguing about exactly?" And why are we arguing in the first place? Oh I remember, someone posted something about lynchings and Trump. Let that sink in. Seriously try and reflect .
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Apr 2019
Ah, so you have a point, but you don’t want to share it. LOL
Already posted this, some pages back.

It's kinda funny, lefty excuses lefty violence because of few RECENT deaths but numerous assaults and riots are ok. Google "assaults over MAGA hats" if you have several spare hours to read the long list. Over a hat, mind you.
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