The Cruelty Is the Point

Feb 2018
Wasn't all that hippie love and peace stuff criticized for making us look weak to our enemies? Barack Obama didn't get much encouragement from the right for his "apology tour" or his mom jeans.

"The pussification of America" was a common theme on Fox News for eight years.

They even went after Mr. Rogers for telling kids they were special without making them earn it.

Also from Fox News:

Peters: 'Obama Is a Moral, Physical and Intellectual Coward'

But it's not just conservatives and it's not new, many people thought Jimmy Carter should have dropped a bomb and killed the hostages in Iran rather than "look like a pussy". In the end those people were spared but still people cared more about their national "pride" than the lives of 52 people.

Too many people in this country conflate manhood and courage with cruelty and violence. I really do think it's a cultural thing and I believe you will hear it more often from conservatives, especially men, than any other demographic.

I think it goes both ways. Too many people conflate serving in the military with being a qualification for public office, and disparage those who didn't serve as cowards, e.g. Clinton, Trump, etc. IMO, bravery and courage comes in different forms.
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Nov 2016
Already posted this, some pages back.

It's kinda funny, lefty excuses lefty violence because of few RECENT deaths but numerous assaults and riots are ok. Google "assaults over MAGA hats" if you have several spare hours to read the long list. Over a hat, mind you.
The long list would be due to multiple fringe right wing sites posting about single incidents, so that a single incident will get you as many as a dozen hits. I know. When I’ve tried to do google searches looking to links about violence by right wing trumpists against opponents and the left, I have to wade through link after link after link from multiple fringe RW sites describing the same alleged incident as proof that trump supporters are the eternal innocent victims of evil, unprovoked violence from the left. As this thread shows, some on the right will try to either deny or ‘splaying away RW violence, even murder.
Oct 2018
We only know for sure, we have one life. Unbelievable so many don't care their actions will make that life hell on earth.

Amazing that some people have chosen to make someone else miserable - that's pretty bad. You can poke a stick at a dog so many times, before it turns around and bits you. If you think others don't meet your standards - 200 plus years of treating these "others" like shit has caused it.

Just pathic that compassion is not part of the Capitalist, Alt Right, Evangelical teachings, or the straight out of the Republican doctrine.
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