The failure of the "good guy with a gun" theory

Jun 2018
True, but I was not the one that asked the question initially.
I think frequency is the point here and NOT if it EVER happens.
Either way you where the one who responded.

Yes there does seem to be more blacks being shot, but the OP point is cops are going in guns blazing and shooting innocent citizens no matter what color there skin is.

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Sep 2007
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Yes, but unless the police are held accountable, it becomes a defacto ban on bearing arms.

If the police came out and said openly that they would shoot anyone with a gun on sight, would you carry? So if they don't say it openly, but some number of them are too quick to draw and shoot, how do we respond so that we have the police protection we want, and the rights that we want also?
When Wisconsin went concealed carry several years ago, a local police chief being interviewed about the new law said, quite ominously, that his department has received appropriate training and are prepared to deal with any situation. Unstated but the meaning was clear, it's not his officers responsibility to to sort out within milliseconds who the good guy with the gun is, its to control the situation and not to get themselves killed in the process. That is what we are seeing. The way we have allowed 2A to be interpreted and applied, has cost lives lots of lives. When I was growing up, a gun was to hunt with, for sport shooting and rarely for protecting the castle. Today, police (and I) assume everyone is carrying a gun. In an active shooter, police have not clue who is the active shooter. And in places like Florida they have actually relaxed laws the prohibit us from shooting each other. America's stupidity about guns is beyond measurement.

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