The FBI Tragedy: Elites above the Law

Oct 2014
British expat in USA
Oh they weren't? What did you call it when they used a phony document in order to obtain a fisa warrant?
It isn't phony. And it wasn't the only thing used to obtain the warrant. When you get different sources corroborating each other, that's when things start looking suspicious. And that's what the FBI had.
Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
If you are an honest person you will see it and speak about it. It is both sides. They have been after each other's throats for decades.

They will claim they aren't the same. And they aren't.

But they are after the same nut. Which is control, based on ideology, based on historical politics - with no other purpose but to rule you.

Does PE seem like someone who could be ruled?

I'd answer no.

To say fuck them is to say fuck all of them.
The difference is that the Democrats have controlled the Presidency, the House and the Senate at the same time for a total of four of the last 40 years and the GOP has had that total control for 9 years of the last 19...