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Jun 2010
South Florida
Maybe we could stop blaming the President first and take a good look at what is actually going on. There IS an invasion has been going on for years now and the most conservative estimates say that there are over 11 million illegal aliens in the country because of it. Eleven million. Do you have 11 million of anything? If you had 11 million of something that you did not ask for and did not want, but was forced to accept more of...what would you do?
Turns out you *can* blame trump for some of those illegals.. The Trump Organization employed illegal immigrants
Jun 2010
South Florida
Ok, do you want him to apologize for taking advantage of the system that allowed this to happen?
I stopped wanting anything from trump a year ago. I gave him a year to earn my respect. He failed miserably.

I held my tongue and gave trump a year to earn my respect, even through Charlotte. It was trump's lack of leadership to help Americans in PR when I finally realized trump is unfit to lead this nation. That was trump's chance to prove to me that he could be a leader of all Americans and the builder he claimed to be, but he failed. Instead trump has proven himself to be petty vindictive boorish immoral bully that constantly lies about everything and so cannot be trusted.
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Mar 2015
Istanbul NOT Constantinople...
In the manifesto provided.

"Are/were you a racist - Yes"

"Are/were you a fascist - Yes"

Not writing in code. I think this is an open and shut case.

Everything he wrote is consistent with fascism.
Fascist share ideology from both the left and right. Rather than being centrist, though, they are actually extremists.
Aug 2018
For the life of me I can't understand why this is hard.

He was a fascist.

He believed fascist things and did fascist things and consumed fascist media and thought anyone who wasn't a fascist was weak.

Fascists murder people. The more defenceless and vulnerable they are the more they hate them.

Is there anything else to discuss?

When you heard about this attack did you pump your arm and say "yesss"? No? Then you're not a fucking fascist.

Yes? Then God have mercy on you cause no one else will.