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Jul 2011
I figured, ahead of Victory Day over there, I will give a bit of coverage to perhaps the most glorified Russian military unit, the Presidential Regiment, as is its formal name today, since 1991, or, as it is more popularly still known by its historic designation, the Kremlin Regiment, Putin's honor guard

The elaborately dressed troops who throw open the doors of the Kremlin's various great halls for the new Tsar, helping him make his usual grand entrances

and parade around for him on some holidays, for his entertainment

They participate in all his Inauguration ceremonies, carrying out the Constitution for him to pledge his Oath on

Kind of ironic, since he's all but publicly wiped his ass with that thing, at this point...

They are known for their superb straight posture and great marching drill

Reportedly, this is achieved, in their training, by having fresh young conscripts stand for many hours perfectly still at attention, with a cross-shaped wooden contraption held in their elbows and to their backs. Officers watch them carefully during this, and punish severely any soldier who so much as relaxes their posture for a second and let alone lowers the wood sticks lol I read they are forced to stand like that until they are nearly exhausted and almost fainting. And those young men keep going to the last. Serving in the Kremlin Regiment is a huge honor, everyone wants it. Not everyone will get it, of course. In fact, many won't simply by virtue of their birth: while I have not seen a formal rule to that effect, nobody has ever seen a non-Slav/white minority soldier in this regiment. These troops, in many ways, are the face of Russia, whom tourists visiting the Kremlin will see. And that face must be white, Slavic, and Orthodox Christian... :smiley-shrug: Now that I chck, there is, in fact, even an actual rule, that all soldiers here MUST speak Russian without any accent. That alone automatically eliminates most of us from Caucasus, and probably plenty of native Mongoloids from Siberia as well. So, there ya go, that's certainly a part of how they keep the Regiment racially and ethnically pure... lol

Anyway, what some do not realize, is that this is NOT just decorative unit. Yes, most of the time they wear those 19th century uniforms and carry historic-type weapons.

But, there is also a full arsenal of modern weapons available for them right at their barracks inside the Kremlin, at a moment's notice, and they are fully trained, HARD trained, for modern combat

The Kremlin Regiment can transform into a heavily armed modern fighting force in a very short period of time, should any enemy threaten the heart of Russian power.

During WWII, the Regiment manned rooftop guns to defend the Kremlin from German bombers

When the Battle for Moscow raged in 1941, and there was real danger the city was about to fall, the Regiment was ordered to defend the Kremlin to the last man, and to make taking the ancient citadel as costly for the Nazis as possible. According to all historic records, while they were offered the opportunity, not one man agreed to leave his comrades and evacuate with their families; and not a single one deserted their positions afterwards. All stood as one ready to die fighting on those walls... Though, fortunately, that did not, of course, prove necessary. But, that is the kind of legacy those young boys today carry on their shoulders. Huge shoes to fill...

Several elite sniper unites from the Regiment were also deployed out to the front lines

The Regiment's snipers participated in many great battles, including Stalingrad, and had thousands of dead Germans to their credit.

Tomorrow, is their professional holiday, when the Kremlin Regiment was officially formed, back in 1936.
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