The Middle Class will pay Bigly for all of the Dems' 'Free Stuff'

Feb 2011
Boise, ID
Broad college debt forgiveness plays favorites with people who happen to be graduating around the time the hypothetical bill would pass, whereas people who just finished slaving away to pay their own debt off would get the shaft, relatively speaking. It also would in a roundabout way give universities a free pass to keep wasting money, since kids and families would be even more willing to take on ever-increasing debts with the hope or expectation government will eventually write it off.

If we want to help people with the costs of higher education by spreading the burden to the taxpayers generally instead of the individual students specifically, then let's just publicly fund our public universities to a greater degree, while also implementing standards of cost control and efficiency. Institutions can't feed at the public trough without standards for how that money is spent. Make sure it's spent on education, not wasted on administrative bloat or fancy architecture or whatever other non-essential fluff is soaking up dollars.

I have major problems with infecting people with the idea that they can take on massive debts with the (possibly false) hope they might not have to pay it off. That makes people overly eager to forever indebt themselves. That is a toxic idea that's created by a policy concept like "debt forgiveness."

Whether increasing public funding to universities or trying to pass a "debt forgiveness" type of bill, the effect is the same in that cost burden is shifted onto the public budget and off of private household budgets. So why is it being proposed as "debt forgiveness?" Because people with outstanding student loans become giddy voters at the thought of maybe having their debt extinguished, whereas people who would benefit from increased public funding of college (i.e., lower tuition) are those who haven't entered college yet, and are thus too young to vote.
Jan 2007
Ultimately university enrolment needs to take a hit. Useless subjects need to whither away. Useless functions like Diversity need to be trashed.