The MSM must stop broadcasting Trump at his rallies.


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It turns out that Trump invited himself to that campaign rally.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) said Sunday that an Ohio House candidate did not invite President Trump to appear at his campaign rally on Saturday.

The governor and former GOP presidential candidate, who has been critical of Trump, told George Stephanopoulos on ABC's "This Week" that GOP hopeful Troy Balderson told him that he didn't have anything to do with inviting Trump.

“I asked him the other day ‘Why are you bringing Trump in,’ he said ‘well, I don't have anything to do with it,’ ” Kasich said, referring to Balderson, who is facing a tough challenge from Democrat Danny O’Connor in a district Trump won by double digits.

“I think Donald Trump decides where he wants to go, and I think they think they're firing up the base,” Kasich added.

And then there's this.

Trump's appearance comes amid mounting GOP fears that they could lose Tuesday’s race for the suburban Columbus seat. While it has long been safe Republican territory, the district — like many others that are filled with higher-income and upper-educated voters — has trended away from the party during the Trump era.

By dispatching Trump, Republican officials are making a dramatic gamble: that the number of supporters the president will energize into casting ballots for Balderson will more than offset the number of critics he’ll jolt into voting for O’Connor.

Ahead of the Saturday evening rally, some party strategists worried that it would do more harm than good for Balderson, who has campaigned as a mainstream figure. Their concerns were illustrated by a Monmouth University survey released earlier this week showing Trump’s approval at just 46 percent in Ohio’s 12th District, which stretches from the traditionally moderate Columbus suburbs to more conservative rural areas.

Indeed, at many points at Saturday, Trump seemed more focused on revisiting his greatest hits than on Tuesday’s special election. He slashed the media (“MSNBC is so corrupt, is so disgusting"), went after political rivals (recently ousted South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford, he joked, “likes flamingo [sic] dancers from Argentina”) and ripped the Russia investigation.

But with Trump’s visit, GOP officials said they hoped to address a major problem heading into Tuesday: a voter enthusiasm deficit. As in many other districts this year, Republican strategists fret that Democrats are more motivated to turn out.

I guess we'll find out soon.
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Oct 2014
I think the msm should stop reporting on Trump. They should embrace their irrelevance and join the dinosaurs.
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CNN pointed out this his rally crowd wasnt as large in OH Sat Night as the one he had in Wilkes Barre two nights previously. They surmised that higher educated people dont like him and dont attend. This part of Ohio has over 50% higher educated people while the one in PA was only 20%. He seems to resonate in these areas but not white collar suburbanites. They said it was completely the opposite with Romney and Bush. Interesting.
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Apr 2012
Okay. So he was there to help out a Republican. But it was the same as the rallies he has for no good reason. He said the same lies and spread the same bullshit.
Problem is Trump spends very little time on the candiate. They are mostly about him,how importatnt he is mixed with his lies and insults.

Who watches them?
Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Problem is Trump spends very little time on the candiate. They are mostly about him,how importatnt he is mixed with his lies and insults.

Who watches them?
Apparently rally parties are popular in some places. I had no idea until I found out several of my colleagues hosted them at their house. They watch the rally and cheer him on while eating and drinking.
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Yeah, why should "news media"
Because it isn't news. Its just giving him a free platform to spout his hate and to reminisce about an election that was almost two years ago. What a stupid, goddamned waste of taxpayer money.

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