The New Apostolic Reformation C. Peter Wagner it's "profit"?

Dec 2010
Southington Connecticut
C. Peter Wagner, A Leading Figure In The New Apostolic Reformation : NPR
NPR Radio On Fresh Air, Wagner joins Terry Gross for a discussion about NAR and its mission.

A new charismatic Christian movement that seeks to take dominion over politics, business and culture in preparation for the end times and Jesus' return is becoming more of a presence in American politics.
Several apostles affiliated with the movement helped organize or spoke at Rick Perry's August prayer rallly.

This Wagner character said that this SUN godess lady had sex with the Emperor.
That happened many, many years ago and that created a spiritual atmosphere over Japan which was an atmosphere ruled by the powers of darkness. The sun goddess is not a very nice lady. The sun goddess is a power of darkness, which is headed up by the kingdom of Satan. And so the sun goddess wants natural disasters to come to Japan
WOW !!!

Alice Patterson, a leader in the New Apostolic Reformation and one of the leadership team members at Rick Perry's prayer rally, saying on stage at the rally that the Democratic Party is a demon structure

This chick is sick !!! "the Democratic Party is a demon structure" That is worse than the TEA PARTY OMG !! This Wgner character said he doesn't agree with tvhe SICK CHICK on calling the Democratic Party is a demon structure.

sex with spirits !!! THESE GUYS ARE CONNECTED WITH Rick Perry's prayer rally !!

Am I the onl;y one who things these NAR people are sick or is anyone else out there concerned ?