The Reason Why Democrats Were So Fanatical To Stop Kavanaugh

Apr 2018
The OP is so much bullshit I barely know where to begin. And since I would not be getting paid for it, I probably do not have that kind of time.
That sounds like a surrender to me. The kavanaugh thing must've destroyed your spirit. Understandable, imho. When you're invested in political banter to such a degree that you keep an iron grip on a virtual website throne, the continued political losses must be somewhat crippling, intellectually speaking.
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Her retirement date falls in the middle of Trumps second term so not only does he have to win reelection but we need to hold the senate in 2020.

Its gonna be close.

Hopefully she collapses before then but we will see.
I wish no harm ...

As liberal as she is ...

She does not support todays radical Leftist ....
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I wish no harm ...

As liberal as she is ...

She does not support todays radical Leftist ....
Of course not but she is nearing her end, its time for her to move on.

No Justice has served past the age of 90 and that is the date she has settled on. She has hired staffers only up to that point.

That puts her just at the end of year two of Trumps second term I believe.

If she is forced to leave sooner then politically that's better for us.


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You could begin by explaining how you transform historical FACTS into what you call "bullshit". While you're at it, you could also explain why some threads were closed.
Here is why Trump's appointments are not that consequential. The court has not moved significantly more right than the court already was.

We don't know if Gorsuch is more like Kennedy or Roberts. If Kavanaugh is the more conservative, then he takes Scalia's place.
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Whether apparent to most Americans or not, Supreme Court Kavanaugh's confirmation was more than just about Roe vs Wade, same-sex marriage, and a few other issues. It was about the destruction of a weapon that Democrats have been using for decades, to get what they want, even when the American people are solidly lined up against them.
And here I thought it was over McConnell stealing a SC appointment from Obama, even though the American people agreed that Republicans shouldn’t have left that seat vacant for ten months


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One look at the OP and it's easy to see how easily Trump pulls the puppet strings of his supporters. The question they should be asking isn't why the opposition didn't want Kavanaugh, but why Trump specifically wanted him.

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