The religion of climate change.

Apr 2018
New Hampshire
While Paris burns the opportunity arises for people of stable mind and a relatively reasonable grasp of human history to contemplate contemporary climate change ideology and draw comparisons to other religious events invoked to enslave and oppress populations.

For many centuries the Earth was thought to be flat or disc shaped as well the center of the universe. The science of the Dark and middle Ages was intertwined with and subordinated to religion which was defined then as an absolute belief system operated and controlled by the moneyed elite. Any questioning of the dogma was often met with ridicule, ostracization and sometimes burning at the stake.

Those who relinquished skepticism could be afforded all the benefits and support of the entrenched elite much like climate scientists of today who are bribed with research funding to conclude that the state dogma is correct. On the other hand they face isolation and impoverishment for any observations that challenge elitist doctrine.

As we enter a new year those of us who see clearly must not give up the fight to think independently and question authority that has seized on the advantage of power to punish the people to save the world. The absurd notion that the dynamic forces that control the Earth’s climate systems can be harnessed by taxation and regulation must be viewed in a historical religious context not a scientific one.

The elites that possess the power are not going risk that power in an age where information is more ubiquitous than at any time in human history. They need the “next big thing” to impose control over the masses. Contaminating, corrupting and intimidating science into a crusade against the people by blaming them for the weather comes right out of the same Pandora’s Box that gave us the Inquisition.

Human history is still a work in progress and religion disguised as science is just the latest manifestation signifying the futility of fools that obediently step into the leg irons of their elitist slave masters. Those who are not fools need to watch the fate of the resistance in Paris.

The elites in our history always claim that their power preserving is for a greater good for our own good but as with the rest of human history they don’t have a clue what they are talking about. But they do know how to stay rich by taxing the rest of us.