The right is saying that the killers in the Colorado school were liberals.

Nov 2010
San Diego...ish
Here's a beaut "Last year’s data match historical trends recorded by the ADL. The organization counted 387 extremist-related murders over the last decade: Right-wing extremists were responsible for 71 percent of those murders, while Islamic extremists were linked to 26 percent. So by the numbers 28 plus 71= 97% that means that 3% of hate crimes that caused death were by the left. All the hate and killing is one sided and that's the right wing hate group they call a party. What is more dangerous Illegals or the right wing support groups. They should have a wall to keep out the right wing. Known through out the world since scum bag was elected as the hate party.
Wow. Who knew that almost 40 people per year were being killed by extremists in a country of 330 million? You are right. We should build a wall or do something else equally over the top and stupid to deal with a problem of this magnitude.
Jul 2011
“Stay Down”
I have no idea yet but the right is trying to claim that left wing hate crimes aren't reported because of the lying media all being liberal organizations and treating these haters unfairly. Here's the problem, there has to be a lean on reporting these incidents, for instance ,deaths by hate groups . in 2018 50 people were killed by hate groups and here's the rub for the media , of the 50 , 50 of these murders were done by the right wing hate groups. , yup every single one.
Most use the ADL "heat map"

Murder and Extremism in the United States in 2018

It is likely that non-ideological murders committed by extremists other than white supremacists are underrepresented in ADL’s data.

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