The Social Media Unemployment Line


Dec 2014
If you're hiring, go to the interviewee's FB page. It will tell you more about the person than the fiction they create for the interview.


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Dec 2006
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Yes, we do that. People will tell you want you want to hear in the interview.
My facebook account would be very boring to anyone looking at it. Maybe 3 posts in the last 5 years. It would still feel like an invasion of privacy to have people sift through my personal info.
Oh well, I'm retired now, so I don't have to worry about it too much. I guess it's up to the younger generations now to determine how much of their privacy they are willing to give up.
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Nov 2013
Smokers are not a protected class. H Ross Perot never hired smokers at EDS. Think about it, why would you want to hire someone that has such a filthy habit? Someone that makes such poor decisions with their own life? And now, since the ACA imposes a surcharge upon smokers it is easy to determine who smokes.
So if you're caught online eating fast food, i can fire you, or legally NOT hire you because of your filthy habit ? So there are no more equal opportunity, everything you do as a life choice in your spare time becomes a reason for discrimination, as long as it's not a protected class ?

I for one would NOT want to live in that society.