The Surprising History of Homosexuality and Homophobia

Sep 2012
Long read, but worth it. These sections explain a lot ...

The Surprising Origins of Homophobia In Western and, Ultimately, In World Culture

Homosexuality in the European Middle Ages

Confluence of Church and State

Modern Attitudes Towards Homosexuality

The Surprising History Of Homosexuality And Homophobia

It should be obvious by now that homophobia has its origins in ignorance. It is spread by ignorance, by repression, social conservatism and the alliance of church and state. It is self-evident that education leads to an understanding of the truth and that truth itself leads to freedom.

The history of homophobia in western culture is instructive. It tells us how, when we make untested assumptions, we can easily be led into error that can be very destructive, as homophobia has been. It shows us that the path to liberation isn’t through religious indoctrination but through reason and logic.

In a nation that claims to value freedom, let us learn from this lesson from the past. Let us throw off our chains of superstition and ignorance, and embrace the truth that our forebearers knew two millenia ago: homosexuals are a normal part of life and should be tolerated, accepted and integrated into every facet of culture without prejudice or ignorance.