The "They Were Really A Liberal All Along" Catalog

Feb 2011
The formerly great golden state
Certainly, conservative is a term applied to people who watch Hannity and yell at democrats.

A true conservative is one that understands and believes in the principles that conservatism embraces.

It is a belief in a series of sentiments, not ideological dogmata.

Conservatism embraces some principles such as belief in a moral order. You used religious authoritarian but that is a weak definition, while I am very religions you need not be to practice conservatism. You must however believe in a moral order.

We believe in custom, tradition and permanence. It builds continuity within our system and ties in very closely with our belief in morality. Progressivism is the anthesis to this belief.

We believe in prudence. As Burke summarized, we believe in the long term effects of decisions while liberals and libertarians rush ahead with only a single goal in site. This ties into our tradition belief.

There are many more ideals but the biggest one is this. We understand that humanity is not perfect and that horrors do and will continue to exist. This makes the wish of a Utopia fruitless because we know that once that is achieved or even attempted that the human psyche is not prepared for it and it will not make things work better, people will break out from that. What we do is strive to put things in place to limit the effects of bad behavior, not to eradicate them.

Ban all guns or end climate change are philosophies we cannot embrace, it is much better to proceed with caution and prudence and establish ways to reduce negative impacts.

Essentially that is what a true conservative is.

Thank you. I think you've described real conservatism pretty well.

Now apply that to Donald Trump. Is he a conservative? Are his followers conservatives?
Feb 2011
The formerly great golden state
Yes, some have adapted to hide in plain sight.

RINO deceivers? You mean people who claim to be conservatives, but are actually the opposite of that?

Do you agree with @Spookycolt's description of what a conservative is?

What happened here? I thought I was replying to a different post.

Found it. This is the post I clicked on:

I dont have much love for the Liberal agenda however...i LOATHE the RINO deceivers.
Traitors, wolves wearing sheep skins, traitorous moles.
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Dec 2015
These Progressive Republicans are no different than the Leftist there.

They are all phonies and LIARS.

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