The Trump campaigns Normalization of Racism aka The "That's not racist" "Yes it is" "No it's not" "Yes...∞...thread.

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Jul 2011
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this country is experiencing what it's like to have elected a straight up racist ( or at least one that plays a racist on twitter and in real life). And now, we are going to have a primary election based in large measure on the Trump campaigns normalization of racism. If you were watching the news these last couple of weeks you've heard Trump called a racist more times than one would have thought was humanly possible ( mostly on social media ). Just going by memory here. So far, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang and Beto O'Rourke have all said they think Trump is a white supremacist.

The only one I can say for sure hasn't either called Trump a racist or a white supremacist is Joe Biden. Biden appears to be playing the long game . He can afford to because, after all, he's clearly the front runner. The others are trying to take him down. Which isn't to say that they aren't sincere in their pronouncements.

Then there's MSNBC , CNN and Fox News. If one didn't know any better they'd think every guest and every host on both networks ( CNN and MSNBC ) were being told by the producers to find a way to call Trump a racist as many times as possible. Whereas, on Fox News they have obviously been told to find a way to deny racism at all cost. Hence Tucker Carlson now announcing plans to go on vacations suspiciously proximate to having proclaimed white nationalism is a hoax.

Which all filters down to us - the little people - who feel obliged to add our own favorite flavors to the mix.
What that means specifically of course is liberals in one bunker and conservatives in another . Both lobbing racially charged allegations at one another. We're so predictable , aren't we, us little folks?

And every single one of us is playing right into Donald Trump's hands.

Of course, what other choice do we have? We all care about this country. Don't we? We all want what's best for this nation. Don't we all.

It really has become a fight for the soul of this country.

Has it not?

Did I mention this is a primary election?

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