The ultimate irony of fear and firearms.....

Oct 2019
Read the OP title over again. It says nothing about the fear OF guns. It clearing says,"...fear AND firearms."
So, what are you talking about?
It's ironic that fear creates "gun free zones" that would be shooters use knowing they will have minimal resistance.
Jun 2013
I thought the biggest irony is that people who fear guns, when in trouble, the first call they make will be to seek the assistance of someone with a gun.
Ever consider the irony of people who purchase firearms because they fear people with firearms (themselves/others just like them)?

People will generally call on people that not just own a firearm, but are trained in how to use it for a "common defense" without shooting their own kind in the back or the crossfire.

Most people have no problems with people keeping and bearing arms as in their LEO's and their National Guard citizen soldiers (standing military as well) who are not only "trained in arms', but generally trained in situations, although the prevelance of firearms in society have some people with guns shooting other people with guns (and as in this case, themselves), first, then "asking questions' later, if they haven't shot and killed themselves.

Apparently some Americans don't appear to have observed how other nations have far fewer people shooting themselves as well as other people, if not a lot less frequently.
May 2019
Backatown, USA
The "right to keep and bear arms" in self-defense against yourself?

They say that firearms kept in the home are something like 20 times more likely to be used to shoot a family member, friend or yourself than to be used for self-defense.
I'm thinking that rigging booby traps probably increases those odds.

At least he didn't have the gun in his underwear.
(Not making the obvious 'booby trap' joke........)

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