The ultimate irony of fear and firearms.....

Oct 2019
and so do those who have guns. duh. remember in Texas under republican leadership and NRA direction we have allowed any one and their uncle to buy all the assault weapons and ammo and high capacity magazines and any other gun and ammo they want, without even having to show ID at gunshows or from private sellers in general, and let them carry them without license anywhere they want, just like befuddled gun nuts claim is SOMEHOW SAFER THAN NOT HAVING A BUNCH OF ARMED LOONS IN PUBLIC....and yet, when that idiot drove from Dallas to El Paso armed with the usual assault weapon so he could shoot and kill as many mexicans as he could, not enough of them in Dallas, he said, as fast as he could, NOT ONE ARMED TEXAN IN THAT WALMART STOOD UP TO PROTECT ANYBODY, DESPITE SILLY ASS NRA GUN NUT CLAIMS THEY WOULD....

One of the high school mass shootings had at least one armed guard, and it didn't stop the loon from opening fire or stop him from ending fire.

If having armed loons in public worked, we wouldn't have many times the homicide rate of sensible countries not controlled by the NRA, especially gun related murders and very especially mass shootings.

but i guess this gun nut in Krogers here in Texas feels safe, unlike everybody else who gets hear him-

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The example cited; there are difficulties to comment.

Not really helpful for some good guy with a gun to pick the wrong target and suddenly it's multiple shooters.

Also, remember, when you compare US stats with the rest of the world, need to remove the extras that are added, like suicides.