The uninsured rate is rising — but only for Republicans

Dec 2015
In Your Heart!
The uninsured rate is rising — but only for Republicans
By Sarah Kliff

"The nonprofit Commonwealth Fund released new data Monday showing that the uninsured rate rose in the first few months of this year, rising from 12.7 percent at the end of 2016 to 15.5 percent in the first three months of 2018."
"Harvard researchers have published similar data in the New England Journal of Medicine, too."
"This all means that we have growing evidence that the uninsured rate has ticked upwards since President Trump came into office. But the big question is: why? What is driving more Americans to go without health coverage?"
"But these Trump administration actions seem to be hurting the exact same people who put the president in office. One of the findings that surprised Collins was that the uninsured rate rose only for Republicans, not Democrats."


That obviously has to be a form of protest against Trump and his healthcare politics even by some of his own Republicans, those who are not mega wealthy to be able to afford the rising costs in healthcare. But Trump wanted Americans to be in this quagmire and voters followed the Pied Piper all the way into self-destruction so they have no one else to blame but themselves at this point.
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