The Unraveling of Donald Trump

Oct 2019
International Falls, Minnesota
Well I guess we can say that OJ SIMPSON should never been charged with murder because he wasn't convicted. The truth is two people are dead and reasonable doubt went to suspension of common sense. The prosecution couldn't refute the evidence so they planted doubt on the credibility of the people that either found the evidence or processed it before it got to the court room. This time Trump is OJ and the WB is the cop and the committees' in the house are the prosecutors.
The senators are suppose to be the jurors but in reality the jurors are the US public because the Senators will vote on what their constituents think. Truth be damned.
The people will decide next year in November.
Sep 2016
My own world
He's doing a great job. Be sure and vote for a Democrat next year. They're gonna need your vote.
LOL, OK you keep drinking that poison and expecting other people to get sick and die. It works for people all the time, Trump lives by that piece of advice.
Oct 2019
International Falls, Minnesota
Always whining about what other people are doing. You people ever take personal responsibility for ANYTHING?
You poke Trump and he pokes back. It's not that hard to figure out. If people don't like it, then quit poking him. Duh!


Feb 2011
New York
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