There Will Be No GDP Report Coming Out On Friday

Jan 2016
Apparently, we will not be getting that report on 4th Quarter Real GDP Growth for America until the last day of the month, next week:

Gross Domestic Product | U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)

This me. It seems.....highly irregular......I can understand the report being delayed, because of the government shutdown. I get that. But I would think there would have been a high priority placed upon getting this data out to the American public, and investors.

My calculations tell me that 4th Quarter Real GDP Growth would need to hit about 2.4% for the year of 2018 to average out to 3.0% as a whole.

And we're not going to get that, because of that sharp and nasty fall in retail sales during the month of December, that just recently turned up in the data.

Just sayin'.....
Apr 2012
No, Robert. It will have been delayed by a FULL MONTH.

It was originally supposed to have come out at the end of January. Not at the end of February.

So it is the government and politics as usual. More of democrats fake hysteria