They Found A Spider In Her Ear!

Apr 2012
I have read many articles about how many insects people swallow while sleeping. Think about that. Then make sure you spray with the insect killer that is non smelling, safe for children.:)
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Sep 2012
There are many, many more.

The strangest things found in people's ears
1. A 2.6 cm cockroach

An Australian man from Darwin was forced to seek medical attention after a cockroach delved into his right ear while he was sleeping, refusing to come out! According to Oddee, the man was made aware of the unwanted creature by a sharp pain in his ear that woke him up.

It got increasingly worse, so he tried to suck the insect out with a vacuum cleaner. When this didn't work, the man decided to see a doctor, who thinking it was a small object, initially put olive oil in the ear which only worsened the problem.

The cockroach simply crept deeper into the ear, forcing the doctor to eventually pull the insect out using forceps. Both doctor and patient were astonished to see that the roach was 2.6 cm long.
5. 57 maggots

A 92-year-old granny with Alzheimer's from the US was reportedly found with 57 maggots wriggling in her ear. According to Medical Daily, the family of the old lady was called into the hospital of the retirement home where she lives, after nursing staff noticed she kept scratching and pulling her ear.

She was taken to hospital, and upon inspection a maggot was found crawling out of her ear. Doctors believe a fly had crawled into the woman's ear and laid eggs, which then hatched. She had an enlarged ear canal from surgery performed decades earlier, which regularly got infected.

Doctors videotaped the woman’s infestation before surgery to remove the maggots was performed. Her family sued the home for negligence and emotional distress.
7. A cricket

An unidentified man, believed to be from India, found that the discomfort he felt in his ear was triggered by a 7.6 cm live cricket inside his ear canal, Medical Daily reported.

The man felt discomfort in his ear canal and ear drum. Doctors carefully removed the Indian house cricket with tiny tweezers, pinching the bug and pulling it out of the ear.
Feb 2010
between Moon and NYC
Also known as the fiddleback spider. Because of the fiddle shape on the back. Pretty common here in Missouri. Have encountered many.

Until a moment ago i thought (wrongly) that they were a spider which didn't build webs. Turns out they do....just not the conventional predator "victim catching" webs we are familiar with. The brown spider web is more or less their house.