This announcement by Trump has to be made illegal

Jan 2007
Obviously you and the others here have no idea about immigration law - instead, you just scream "illegals"

And the Dream Act was an EO, and courts have upheld it, so there is that.

Title 8 USC stands despite democrats efforts to ignore it.
Jan 2007
One wonders if they go up in their attics at home, and practice goose-stepping in front of the long mirrors. Just in case the Pied Piper calls them into action.
WE remember people being mesmerized over obama. The historic "Great One"
Jan 2016
Obama by not enforcing federal marijuana laws.
Well, um, for that matter, Trump isn't enforcing them, either. Even though Jeff Sessions probably wanted to. Lotsa folks merrily puffing away in Colorado and Washington state, and more and more other states where they have legalized recreational marijuana, Robert. Trump ain't doin' nuthin'.

The times, they are a changin'.

I think some guy named Bob Dylan sang that.