This foreign meat company got U.S. tax money. Now it wants to conquer America.


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Dec 2010
Two men in cowboy hats stood behind President Trump in May as he announced a $16 billion agricultural bailout. Trump said the financial relief from his trade war with China would help American farmers, reinforcing an earlier tweet when the president said the funds would help “great Patriot Farmers.”

But not all beneficiaries of the taxpayer-funded program are American farmers or patriots. JBS, a Brazilian company that is the largest meat producer in the world, has received $78 million in government pork contracts funded with the bailout funds — more than any other U.S. pork producer.

JBS’s winning hand in securing a quarter of all of the pork bailout contracts is one example of the power a small number of multinational meat companies now hold in the United States. JBS has become a major player in the United States even as it faces price-fixing and other investigations from the federal government.
WaPo, 11/5/2019

There is no justifying this. I know there will be all manner of excuses and explanations, but it is WRONG and should not have happened. And why are those two standing behind Trump? What did he get out of it? Pretty much says right up front "Hey, I know this lot is going to benefit, and I'm FINE with it." Does he take a pass on racism if they 'look' white? Or do they have to be wealthy. Or both.