This is bizarre

Feb 2010
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Feb 2007
It's not really that bizarre. I mean, we've already done this to ourselves to a degree with social media. China is just ramping it up to 11. Perhaps we can let this be a perfect model for the call-out culture some seem to accept, to see if it's really a good idea or not.

It's not.
Sep 2017
I used to think Americans were different: that we valued liberty over security. But I changed my mind after 9/11, when I saw how a large majority of my fellow citizens were willing to submit to having our national values trashed for a phantom promise of a little more security. Most got behind the idea of presidents unilaterally choosing to murder American citizens, far from any battlefield and without any due process. Most got behind indefinite detentions without trial, and torturing people into confessions. Most got behind warrantless electronic surveillance of US persons, even in direct defiance of relevant laws. Most got behind "stop-and-frisk," as well as "security theater" measures at our airports. And when whistleblowers started telling us just how completely our government had moved to being a surveillance state, most got upset at the whistleblowers for telling us. A slim majority also got behind starting an illegal war on Iraq, just because the warmongers had successfully spooked them about non-existent piles of WMDs. And a huge number are fine with denying refugees proper asylum hearings, because brown people are just so scary.

Of course, that doesn't mean ALL Americans are cowards who will burn the best things about America to the ground and line up behind any strongman who promises to keep them safe. Some of us stood up for American values. But we were, and remain, a small minority.
May 2016
When, like China is purporting to do, the US refuses to let you fly on an airline or takes your pet away based on a "credit card" of social acceptance by the state, us citizens will be motivated to rebel. But they'll put on the naughty list for sure.
Nov 2009
Flower Mound, TX (In the basement)
What you're supporting, isn't remotely close to 'Conservative philosophy'.
You just have a rusty hook in your lip and are being dragged to the shores of fascism.
Y'all want to see fascism, look no further than China.