This Is How Fox News Brainwashes Its Viewers: Our In-Depth Investigation of the Propaganda Cycle.

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Rather than adhering to any kind of journalistic standard when reporting the news, or — as is the case with liberal-leaning MSNBC — reporting truthfully on the news and offering ideological commentary grounded in facts, Fox News starts with their end goal in mind and works backwards. How can a news story be used to damage their viewers’ perceptions of President Obama or the Democratic Party? How can a news story be used to bolster Republican politicians, or advance the causes of Republican-leaning policy influencers like the National Rifle Association or evangelical Christians? How can a news story be used to vilify causes championed by progressive Americans?

Once they’ve settled on the outcome they want, Fox News shapes its narrative and sets in motion its brainwashing cycle.

Fox News’ use of propaganda to isolate and indoctrinate its viewers is deliberate and terrifyingly effective. It thrives off of fear-based sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and dogmatic intolerance toward anyone who is not a straight, white Christian.

This Is How Fox News Brainwashes Its Viewers: Our In-Depth Investigation of the Propaganda Cycle | Autostraddle

just watch Fox News for yourself and you'll see it's all true. Fox News is the only network that has a primary agenda of convincing it's audience that a particular political ideology (liberalism) is inherently flawed. It's also the only network that persistently engages in trying to convince their audience what the "truth" is. This despite the fact that they are constantly saying things on their network that are patently false. It's amazing that they actually got away with it. But, from the start they have been a right-wing network , pretending to be "fair and balance".

Anyone capable of critical thinking should have recognized that immediately as a propaganda tool. Viewers, for instance, that watch MSNBC know exactly what they're watching. They know it's a "progressive network" and that it's never pretended to be anything else. The ideological perspective of CNN is highly contested. If you're a Fox News viewer you'll likely say CNN has a liberal bias. If you watched CNN during the 2016 election you'd disagree with that perspective. Especially, if you were a supporter of Hillary Clinton. Bottom line is that you shouldn't trust any of those buggers. Just watch with your critical thinking skills fully engaged - especially if you're watching Fox News - and judge for yourself.
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Been watching the "Loudest Voice" mini=series, based on hundreds of interviews with people.

Alies specifically wanted Fox News to be a propaganda channel for the GOP.

Not at all hard to know if you watch even say 15 minutes of Hannity, Carlson, or Ingraham
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The article from 2015 leaves out a couple of critical points. The first point is that the agency caters to the low IQ persona in their ads and language. Very simple and no real BIG words. The second point is they keep on about the same issue day after day after day. Obama not being a citizen is a good example. Last, Fux entertainment news is very ardent in keeping away from issues that could be considered favoring democrats.


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Lets see, CNN, MSNBC, NY Times ... ... ... have spent 2 years selling a lie to you guys.. AND FOX NEWS IS PROPAGANDA..

How many Stories have the ANTI Trump media have to correct over the last 2 years. 29,700,000 results.


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hmmm, it provides charts, graphs, and studies.
Seems like an analysis to me? What exactly do you disagree with?
Seriously? Charts graphs and studies? Then just cite them.

Start with the chart in your first post. What is it proof of besides some pretty graphic design? It is literally made up.

Several of the graphs are just showing the results of polls on certain issues and how people feel about them which is.....virtue signaling not science.

The next two are graphs discussing "tone" of coverage which is another subjective matter and which guests are on Sunday talk shows which... don't even know what that is meant to claim though they should get into whether a guest is the same as an invited panelist or someone providing analysis as examples.

The next three sections are just screen captures.
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I don't entirely disagree with your OP, but I think you underestimate how widespread this corruption has spread in the "news" business.

For the latest and saddest example, NPR has been cutting back on its hard news stories and producing one left leaning cultural and lifestyle story after another. Even the hard news pieces don't seem as balanced as they used to be. Many pieces start with headlines with an editorial slant.

And as you can see in my sig line, I admire the NPR ethics handbook. They are just doing less and less news all the time.

The business model is to define a target audience then play to the biases of that audience.

Propaganda nation is what we have.

For a detailed analysis, I recommend The Smear by Atkkisson.
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