This is not normal. HE is not normal.

Dec 2018
Lincoln Nebraska
You keep bringing up counties as if they matter. County lines are of no meaning at all. The winner of a congressional district gets the most votes in that district. Counties SOMETIMES have something to do with the way district lines are drawn, but not always. Some counties have multiple districts within them; others are drawn without regard to county line at all. Certainly the number of votes someone gets in various counties has zero to do with their election.

Again, this has nothing to do with congressional districts (except in Maine and Nebraska, which designate some of their electoral votes to be decided within CD's
Because in most states, Florida among them, elections are administered by county officials. They are in charge of running polling places and counting votes. If they mess something up, they can hold up the whole state because there are still a lot a votes to certify. Counties have nothing to do with the way electoral votes are calculated. At all. If that were true, they would be mentioned in the Constitution. In fact, the selection of electors is left to the individual states. To my knowledge, no state differentiates votes for president by county as you've suggested. The total number of votes in the state is the only factor, except for ME and NE, which give two electors to the winner of the overall state ballot and each of the other electors is selected by congressional district.[/QUOTe
I keep bringing up the importance of Counties....because one County could force a recount in a District...with the intention of flipping that District. you flip a district and you can force a run off which could result in a flip of electoral votes from one candidate to the other. One county and its officials have the power to undo a district winner. Sure Districts are won by all the votes counted within that district...but that district can be the actions of one County. So when someone makes the silly statement....that Counties are meaningless in an election....are simply wrong.