This Is The "I Hate The New England Patriots" Thread

Jan 2016
Express your deepest and darkest feelings about the New England Patriots right here. Commiserate with your fellow haters of the reigning tyrants of the NFL.

If you would like to see a nuclear warhead dropped on Tom Brady, feel free to say so. Get it off your chest.

If you wish to pronounce a curse upon Robert Kraft and the entire New England franchise, have at it, with the best wishes of the OP.

If you understand, as some of us do, that Bill Belichick is the Evil Emperor from Star Wars, living right here on Earth in the 21st century, welcome to the discussion!
Aug 2018
Couldn't care less. But I like being in clubs.

Fuck that football team. With their Thomas Bundy Nickleback and all their scoring touchpoints and shit.

Screw them.
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Mar 2007
As long as the coach of the Patriots is alive their team will be managed to carefully dissect opponent's weaknesses.

But one metric of success the Patriots lack is the winning percentage of Superbowls played.

Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana and Eli Manning had spotless, perfect records in the big game.

Brady has lost 3 times, twice to the Giants.

6 and 3 is a very good record, but does anybody think it's better than 4 and O? Both Bradshaw and Montana did it.

As a team, the Patriots have lost more Superbowls than any other team, 5 , and 3 of those losses were under Brady.
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