This is what I’ve been saying all along

Mar 2015
Mad Prophet
And, as another safety tip, women are at less risk of contracting AIDS if they DECIDE to become lesbians.

God in His High Heaven must have a special love for lesbians.

Maybe He created lesbians so that heterosexual men could enjoy lesbian porn. Maybe aboutenough should take up watching lesbian porn as a hobby, and it would get him to stop thinking about male gay sex.

Just a thought.
What's wrong with being gay? I, myself, have NO DESIRE to sleep with a man....except for Tom Jones! :love::love::love::love:


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Jan 2008
It must have really bummed you out when they perfected a treatment for HIV that stopped all the 'righteous" deaths of homosexuals, do you figure God was pissed about that as well? Just another reason to hate science, I guess...
The hatred is strong with this one.
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Nov 2008
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So, this man is infecting our children with "te ghey???"
Yes, he is promoting the lifestyle. Alls it takes is a confession “I am gay” and Bingo, you’re in a protected class. You have the ability to sue anyone for denying service. You have a very good chance of getting a huge settlement.

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