This is why 54 percent of Americans think the GOP is insane


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I am so sick of so many ignorant legislators and ignorant voters deciding very private decisions as you describe. I am so sick of women being demonized for decisions no one else on the planet has a right to have a say in. I'm so sick and tired of legislators and voters putting clumps of cells ahead of actual human beings. I'm so sick of legislators and voters assuming that women would lightly decide to end a pregnancy late term on a whim. Or because she's just such a slut. All you people trying to, and being very successful in restricting women's access to abortion in the US, need to mind your own damn business.


Then if a woman HAS the baby, she is BITCHED out for being poor and needing welfare….

Women are totally damned if they do… damned if they don't…..

and fact is… having a child is HARD on a woman's body…. BUT, men want to decide
what women do with their bodies….

The stats on this make me ILL….
It is MOSTLY men who want to outlaw abortion for women..….

Of course if MEN could carry the
babies…. abortion clinics would be on EVERY fucking block and fully covered….

In other countries like Sweden and The Netherlands….. they have less abortions due to
better sex education…..
IN fact, in Sweden… Parents can NOT opt their kids out of sex ed for religious reasons….

Right to lifers are NOW trying to say that because most of the women who have abortions
were using contraception… that this means Contraception doesn't help, so that means no need
for sex ed in schools……


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^^^ Not true.

Abortion rates are down in Northern European countries due to Multiculturalism. I am not saying it is good or bad.

We spend as much or more on sex education here than they do per student.


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^^^ Not true.

Abortion rates are down in Northern European countries due to Multiculturalism. I am not saying it is good or bad.

We spend as much or more on sex education here than they do per student.

abortion rates for following countries….
per 1,000 women

Canada- 15.2
Denmark- 14.3
Finland- 11.1
Sweden 20.2 in 2005
Norway- 15.2

Israel- 13.9

Kazakhstan 35.

Netherlands 10.4

United Kingdom - 17.2

USA- 20.83

I have to admit, Sweden has a VERY HIGH abortion rate compared to other Scandinavian countries….
I am NOT sure why that is… I would have to do more digging on that….

abortion in Sweden is performed MOST of the time between 8 and 9 weeks….
This is while it is still an embryo…… it is not yet a fetus until 8-9 weeks….

as for sex education…. the USA may spend as much … I am not sure, it is 3:30 AM, I would have to look it up…

I will say that it does NOT matter how much you spend, it matter of the quality…..
up until a few years ago, parents in Sweden could OPT their kids out of sex ed….
This is NO longer the case….. So, it is possible that too many kids were opted out of sex ed, and this is why the rates were
higher… tho, I just read the abortion rates are dropping here…. I will have to find better info…..

and as for Multiculturalism…. Sweden is NO more Multicultural than the USA…… so, that does not make a lot of sense….
and The Netherlands are also just as much so, than the USA, yet has an abortion that is half the number than the USA…..

I have to point out, it is really hard to get a handle on abortion rates of Europe, being that each country has different laws,
different cut off points, some have more access…. some have less…… so, it is really hard to compare cross boarder….
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Polygamy has been used for cultist activities, slavery, human trafficking, abuse, and other criminal acts. That's why.

If a medical doctor found cause for concern, and there was physical damage to the child from walking so far at a young age, then societal rules were enforced. This is a physical punishment.

You're advocating spirituality, put through the spectrum of state government.
Well, no, I personally am not suggesting people should consider a fetus human life for "spiritual" or religious reasons at all. I merely believe we can't hold up human life as valuable if we can terminate it so effortlessly at its earliest stages. But the argument was originally about how successful are Evangelists at getting laws passed.

And now, here comes the capital punishment argument...
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OK…. for ONE you said that Evangelicals were not getting anything done…. and that Progressives were the ones winning….

Fact is…. YES, we are winning….. However, there has been a LOT of pushback from the Fundamentalist Christians….
If they would stop getting in the way, the USA could work on REAL issues, instead of having to fight all their crap….
That is their right under the Constitution.

YOU are the one who said that 95% of the women were using Abortion as BIRTH CONTROL …
Is this a misstatement? I did not say that. I said it is my guesstimate that about 95% of abortions, not 95% of women, are to terminate an inconvenient pregnancy.

Just because a women has an abortion due to Birth control failure, that is NOT using abortion
as birth control…… that is QUITE the opposite….

what people mean when they do say that a woman is using abortion as birth control is when she is NOT using birth control
and when she does get pregnant she just gets an abortion and then goes out and continues to have sex
not using birth control, then if she gets pregnant again, has another abortion….
You can't change the meaning of something like that, just to make your point…..
Then what is that abortion doing if not terminating/controlling birth? What is the correct name of it?

I PROVED that MOST women are NOT using abortion as birth control….
How did you prove that, again? I'm not seeing it.

Now you said …. They only develop into zygotes, embryos, fetus and birthed baby. All stages of human growth.

actually… fact is… that is a POTENTIAL human growing….

They MIGHT develop into a human…. they MIGHT NOT develop at all.. and have a miscarriage….

Some might develop and have serious fetal abnormalities……
I did acknowledge all of that.

I just think it is horrific that some people want to turn women into human incubators….
Speaking only for myself, I am hoping more men and women could come to the realization that we all can't continue being so frivolous with our sex lives because of the very real repercussions. But I realize as well very few can be that thoughtful. Most of us will always continue to take the easiest way possible of satisfying our lusts.

like what happened in Texas this last year, when a women was kept on DEATH Support… to incubate
the couples fetus…. EVEN tho, the women was DEAD… The husband and the parents had to FIGHT to get
the hospital to pull the support….. the woman was DEAD and rotting…. and those sick fucking Right to Life fucktards
kept fighting to keep that woman on death support….
I call it death support, because she was DEAD…. that was NOT life support at all…..

I think it is reprehensible that some people think it is OK to shame a woman
from removing a clump of cells from her body, if she is not ready to have a child…..

Now, what Dr. Kermit Gosnell. was of course WRONG…..

However…. Dr. George Tiller, that man was shot by a fanatic….

WE NEED doctors like Dr. George Tiller……

Those women that have late term abortions are women who WANTED those babies…..

These are NOT women who just decide in the 6th or 7th month that they don't want the baby any longer….

These are women who have to make a VERY difficult, painful decision… Yet, people who have NO IDEA
what the fuck they are talking about, are trying to block those women from having this procedure…..

That sickens me…. I know a Evangelical Christian family that had to have a late term abortion
because the baby had anencephaly….. that was a TERRIBLY painful thing that had to go through….
and yet, NOW… there are idiots who want to BLOCK people from doing this….

If a person is against abortion … OK… that is their choice NOT to have one….

But, for fuck sake,… they should do their homework and find out why people have these late term abortions
before working to block them from happening…..

Reading some of the stories of people who have had to go through this…. is HEARTBREAKING…..

here is what Texas wants to do….. just for some info on this subject…...

Texas abortion ban after 20 weeks: Prenatal testing reveals birth defects then.
These are all individual stories that must be studied and resolved individually. I'm not interested in fighting each, one at a time.