Those who are realistically left in the campaign:



Lets see, I get to choose from:

A man who seemingly has a cult of personality
A man who wants us to stay in Iraq for 100 years
A woman who has the last name 'clinton'.

Wonderful American election process...


more on obama:
Right-wing Buckleyite honcho Grover Norquist lays out today how the British and others are preparing to doom Sen. Barack Obama's Presidential campaign...

The British Obama-scandals dossier laid out by Norquist and Gingrich, in "Obama As Shady Chicago Socialist," is essentially the same as spread across most of the London press already on Feb. 4-5; but now, the ticking time-bombs are being more precisely planned. Norquist forecasts that "well-financed 527 attack groups ... will mercilessly pursue Obama over his ties to [jailed slumlord Antoin] Rezko"; to one-time Weather Underground leader and bomber Bill Ayers, who publicly praised the 9/11 attacks; to radical Columbia professor Rashid Shahidi and others. Norquist also implies, without saying so, that certain witnesses to Obama’s property deals with Rezko--who have remained hidden as the media so far has given Obama a virtual free ride against Hillary Clinton—this will be quickly "discovered" as soon as Obama might have knocked Clinton out of the Democratic nomination.

They will combine this "Chicago crime connection" scandal to branding as a "hard-left socialist," Norquist and Gingrich boast, and they will "bring him down fast."