Tiger Kills Potential Mate on First Date

The Man

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Jul 2011
Here's a tiger story for ya, back in 2016, at a safari park in Siberia, Amur, an Ussurian/Siberian tiger, has a goat, named Timur, released into his enclosure; the idea was for Amur to hunt, kill, and eat poor Timur, for the entertainment of the visitors (it's Russia...)

But, guess what?

Amur refused to hurt Timur! And they struck up an unlikely bromance friendship ever since

:D Safari park didn't mind. The unusual couple actually made them even more money, generating countrywide publicity and attracting lots more visitors. They even set up webcams, where people could watch Amur & Timur 24/7 :D

Religious far right figures didn't like it, accused the park of promoting homosexuality to kids visiting Amur and Timur haha Religion truly can be a mental illness...

Eventually, they were separated after a tigress "bride" was brought to Amur all the way from Moscow to finally mate with hehe

Amur and the beautiful Ussuri making sweet love

Feb 2015
contrary to popular belief, tranquilizers are not and instant down.,,,, they take a good while to take affect. The male would still have had time to kill the female. Its very sad.

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