Today’s False Charges of Racism Echo Soviet Communists

Nov 2018
Bel Air, MD
"too highbrow." not "to highbrow."

"wile e. coyote." not "wily coyote."

the left may be deceitful, but the right is just plain dumb.
Well, lookee here. We've got a regular expert on such important things.

Now, go find someone who really cares. And, then I'll find something they said that is "just plain dumb" because everybody makes grammatical and other errors when they post. Even you.
Mar 2019
The point I tried to make with this thread is one I've held for a long long time. Racism is a very serious issue in this country. So calling people racist for no other reason than not being in your tribe, cheapens the very real issue of racism in this country.
The only "Racism" I see is the Dems keep bringing it up. Otherwise ,there is very little. Except the DEMS keep fanning the flames just to keep a voting bloc on the Dem side.
Jul 2011
USSR helped create Israel in first place, hoping that it would be a pro-Communist socialist state.

But, when it aligned itself to America and the West, they started assisting the Arabs instead...