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Dec 2010
Thread by @CrassyTheo: "Thread half personal/half all heavy shit: In 1976 the television movie Sybil, starring Sally Field, was released. It detailed the […]" #transcult

I don’t think this is going to be in easy thread. It’s not likely anybody’s preconceived ideas are going to be changed.

Please go to and read the link. I’m not sure how I feel about the article. I don’t know that “my mother had MPD/DID, which was proven to be a fraudulent diagnosis. Therefore, the trans diagnosis is fraudulent as well.” is a logical conclusion.

I have a friend I’ve known since 2000. I have only known her online. I have only ever known her as Ruthie. I don’t know that she ever had surgery, and I’m not sure it makes a difference or matters. She has been living her life fully female for about 15 years now. When I first met her she was a manager at a well known chain. During the day she dressed as a man and used her birth name, but the other 16 hours a day she was herself, happy and at peace. So at the very least I don’t buy the bit where this person announces that everyone who is trans is miserable and suicidal.

I hope this thread isn’t just a rehash of the usual knee-jerk reactions.
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What a horribly written article.

There is absolutely no point to it, it's just rambling by the author about various things.

It comes to no conclusion and offers nothing to debate.

Is the author trying to blame a diagnosis for her mother's condition or the past "fake" abuse that supposedly happened?

What does the author identify as the problem and what is her solution?

I don't have a clue because we are never told.

There is no scientific evidence listed, no links to studies to back up anything......it's just a horribly written thing.
Jun 2011
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My trans friend is not miserable or suicidal. She is living her best life. Not all are so well-adjusted, I will say that.