Treasure Island: Toxic Masculinity?

Jan 2012
Vacaville, CA
Walt Disney’s 1950 production of Treasure Island, a rousing adventure tale of pirates and buried treasure, would not hold up well by today’s politically correct standards. Yo ho yikes! Child endangerment and then some.

(Spoiler alert) Long John Silver befriends a young lad, Jim Hawkins, giving him a loaded one-shot pistol. The boy lovingly caresses the barrel of the gun before concealing it in his waistband. The weapon later plays a critical role in a premature mutiny and Jim eventually uses the gun to kill a pirate.

The mother, unseen, apparently has no problems allowing the boy to take a long sea voyage with an all-male crew of mostly lowlifes. Gee, what could go wrong?

Though wounded, Jim at the end of the movie is in good spirits. None of that cry-baby post-traumatic stress. Aye, the lads of yore were made of sterner stuff than today’s youth.