Trump Admin reauthorizes use of cyanide bombs to kill wildlife.

Sep 2007
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The Environmental Protection Agency has recently reauthorized the use of controversial chemical traps to kill coyotes, dogs, foxes and other wild animals across the U.S. These "cyanide bombs" are meant to protect livestock although some environmental groups are calling for a nationwide ban and saying they are inhumane.
According to a recent interim decision, EPA officials approved the use of M-44 devices, which trap wildlife with bait before releasing sodium cyanide into their mouths, killing them.

Jesus, what kind of people are we.
Sep 2019
dfw, texas
trump has no morals. and republicans that support him in any way have only a tiny bit more than that. how many presidents could throw one of our allies under the bus to get slaughtered like trump did with the Kurds in Syria, and not lose almost all political support?

The Man

Former Staff
Jul 2011
Well, at least it's just for wildlife...

The Putin Admin uses that kind of shit on PEOPLE too...
Dec 2018
the Heart of America

Jesus, what kind of people are we.
Wait until some Trump fans track down those traps, take the cyanide bombs and then start setting up traps for Democrats in an effort to start their "civil war". Trump will deny all responsibility and blame others, of course.

It's not like it hasn't been attempted before by Trump's finest fans:

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