Trump admin scrambles to cover for reckless Saudi assassination of dissident

Dec 2006
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I don't see ANYTHING there about the 'high school band stunt' that Spooky was claiming was their top story...….Like I said, the two top stories were Hurricane Michael, and then probably the big stock market plunge.
Well how can you expect a PhD holder in political science to read all that boring stuff up under the heading of Top Stories when there's so much more interesting stuff down towards the bottom?

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Jul 2014
When you look at the timeline... Kushner may have been pushed to act in a way that may have been beyond his clearance.

I mean, the OTHER assassination attempt that relates ended REALLY REALLY badly, pretty stressful situation. Except, I don't think people want to know the whole truth about this, only getting their teeth into the trumps...


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Oct 2009
Only in the minds of liberals.
Dude, if it was a non-story, the president would ignore it. Not at all the case.

Trump just gave a very awkward interview to the press pool in which he publicly refused to reconsider arms sales to Saudi Arabia and downplayed the impact of the situation because "again, this took place in Turkey, and to the best of our knowledge, Khashoggi is not a United States citizen ... He's a permanent resident? OK."

He was speaking while being peppered with questions by John Roberts of Fox News. Republican leaders have spoken out on this matter, and the Republican-controlled Senate Committee on Foreign Relations has tied Trump's hands — clearly with no trust in his capacity or interest in doing the right thing — by invoking Magnitsky.

You've already embarrassed yourself in this thread. I appreciated you backing off of your initial gaffe, but cut it out with his head-in-sand routine.
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