Trump and Acosta

Apr 2012
Oh Trump is sooo sensitive. He has members of the press over but can't take the heat when they ask him the good questions!
Even his almost 2 hour performance was over shadowed by Nancy Pelosi. Cool, calm, collected,laying out how the people won, their health care was now safe, and what their plans are for the country.

Dec 2015
Trump should apologize for his grabee, and Acosta should forgive the graber, and then Trump can chase her around the media room liberally grabbing her you know what.

In short, it is much ado about nothing.

Problem solved!
Oct 2018
I'm assuming EVERYONE KNOW...this is how the press core operates. They all shout their questions until Trump picks one person to address. All presidents, since the begging of mass communications have done it this way

If this is to hard on Trump's nerves, maybe he should take a pill to relax before he Presents himself before the commoners If we are lucky, it just might have an effect to get him to shut up. Hope springs eternal.
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Dec 2015
Excuse the double video. Thought the first did not post.
I was wondering. About halfway through the second, I had an odd though not unpleasant feeling of deja vu and was reminded of a time I stupidly took shrooms thinking they might enlighten me and boy did they.

Glad to find it wasn't the shrooms. You are the best, and give Pelosi a shout-out!
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