Trump Approval Rating Now Higher Than Barack Obama’s Approval Rating at ANY POINT in his Third Year as President

Jan 2015
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Can you guys just smell the fear emanating from the left at this point?

After a completely disastrous month for them they are now faced with Trump getting high numbers.

Weren't they just predicting a year ago that he would be in the low 20's at this point?

Yep, I seem to remember that, one more piece of evidence about their Trump lying.
Yes .....

They know there is no way they will be able to defeat the President in 2020.
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This in spite of the 90%+ negative news the MSM spins on President Trump.

President Donald Trump’s approval rating reached 53% on Tuesday.
This was seven points higher than President Obama at the same point in his presidency.​
But it’s worse than that — President Obama NEVER REACHED 53% his entire third year as president.​
His Socialist ideas failed and Americans were feeling it.​
President Trump did this despite the national mainstream media reporting negatively on his administration and making up nonsense about collusion 92% of the time.​

Trump Approval Rating Now Higher Than Barack Obama's Approval Rating at ANY POINT in his Third Year as President

Ninety plus percent negative news from the "MSM"?

First of all, much--if not most--of the "news" we get about Trump is generated directly from him via Twitter. Sorry he's such an idiot.

Second of all, just for the record, Fox is MSM.
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May 2016
So you are trying to use a couple of far left extremists as your goal line? Go figure..the polls say he is much more popular than Trump RFN
"far left extremists" or elected officials, that's the whole problem with the establishment democrats. Don't expect Biden to be supported over Sanders this time.