Trump Approval Rating Only 44%

Jun 2019
LOL, no one was stabbing themselves because they were "tired of living in Obama's America". He was half black/half white but his race did not make him suck, his policies did that.
True. But I would rather have that than prayer groups shot up because the people were black.


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Feb 2007
Trump’s approval rating remains crappy at 44% by average. Even the polls that slant most in his favor don’t even put him at 50%.

If his presidency were over today, he would be the lowest by average since they started keeping track. By a good amount.

His base sure screams a lot and takes time off of the jobs they don’t have to attend his rallies. But America does not approve.

RealClearPolitics - Election Other - President Trump Job Approval
Those aren't terrible numbers. Not awesome, but not terrible either.

If Democrats can beat him, they should. Otherwise, buckle up.


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Mar 2007
They are right more than they are wrong though. Just ask the House of Representatives.
The vote in the House was an absolutely typical voter adjustment that occurs when one party holds the Presidency and both houses of Congress for two years.

Obama polled much higher than Trump and had an even more severe drubbing after his first two years in office.

And these are facts, which is more than you can say for your polls.

2018 midterms: A blue wave or merely an electoral adjustment into a new presidency?

A response to Barack Obama’s first two years as president, led in part by the powerful Tea Party movement, Republicans picked up 63 House seats and six Senate seats. It was the largest seat change in 62 years and marked the most substantial midterm flip of House control since 1894

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